Welcome to Cat Hospital of Portland

Your beloved feline experiences the world differently. We, at Cat Hospital of Portland, have created a unique place designed for cats and their guardians, quieter, more peaceful than anywhere else. The time you spend protecting your cats’ wellbeing will be spent with people dedicated to making your visit a calm and satisfying one. We will make sure you have and know everything you need.

You and your cat deserve the special understanding that comes with an exclusively feline team. We know how to be with your cat so that the visit is as serene as it can be. A gentle yet comprehensive exam will form the foundation of a personalized health care plan.

You want a long healthy life for your beloved cat. Our feline veterinary experts will share their knowledge, special skills, and deep experience to make that a certainty. You are the most important member of your cat’s healthcare team and we are here for you.

Your time is precious. We know that waiting adds to anxiety. Your appointment time is set aside to help you get all the information you need promptly and without delay. A board certified feline specialist works with the entire team to make sure that healthcare outcomes are the best they can be.


Cat Hospital of Portland is proud to be certified as a Cat Friendly Practice by the American Association of Feline Practitioners at the Gold Status.  This certification reflects our consideration of the unique needs of cats in the waiting and examination rooms, the care we take in handling our feline patients, the attitude and knowledge of our staff and the comfort and concern we show for cats and their owners.